Using a bunsen burner safely

Last class of biology(Thursday 25th) with Ceci we used the bunsen burner. These are the steps we followed.


  1. Close air-hole
  2. Turn the gas tap and light the burner.
  3. Record the results  ( colour of flame )
  4. Open air hole slowly until it is half-closed open and record results
  5. Open it completely and record results
  6. Place a tripod and gauze on the burner
  7. Place a beaker with 50 ml of water
  8. Heat it with the air hole open
  9. Take the time until the water starts boiling
  10. Change the beaker and water and heat it with the air – hole closed
  11. Take the time until the water boils

This is a video from us using the bunsen burner :

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