How life started: The Endosymbiotic theory

last class of biology(16/4) with Ceci we saw a video about the “Endosymbiotic theory”. Before watching that, we made a comment on Ceci´s blog. In the comment, we put a question that we have about how life started. Then we saw the video to answer our questions. Then as homework, we had to watch the other video that is on Ceci’s blog and make 5 questions about each video and a metaphor with which you could summarize what you have learnt.

link to the entry in Ceci´s blog:


Questions of the first video:

  1. Which type of cells were the first ones?
  2. What were the functions of the 3 prokaryotes cells that the video mentions?
  3. How many explanations of the  “Endosymbiotic theory” does the video show?
  4. What does the absorbing process of “Endosymbiotic theory” aloud organisms?
  5. What is the result of the “Endosymbiotic theory”?



  1. What is a scientific theory?
  2. What does the “Endosymbiotic theory” give an explanation to?
  3. Which are the 2 main differences between eukaryotes and prokaryotes?
  4. Which type of cells all bacterias are?
  5. Which is the difference between a scientific theory and a daily life theory?


The cells are a little but complex world.

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