Las ultimas clases de lengua estuvimos trabajando con el relato: La Sirena. La ultima clase hicimos un trabajo de 4 consignas.

Este es el link a la entrada de la consigna en el blog de Cami: http://camilaaliberti.cumbresblogs.com/2020/03/25/25-03-trabajo-a-distancia-cuarta-clase/

Este es el link a mi actividad: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQp4VZ_v957ya_W7VPzwLSyyo5_3WG_5yPbr5dbGjIV2GlLmWv9zrOQBNcrthzTN5lzMuoGzuMSzAET/pub

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Warhorse reading comprehension

A few classes ago in language we did a reading comprehension about the book: War Horse.

This is the link to the doc that I made:


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Interview to Michael Morpurgo

The last classes of language we have been working with Michael Morpurgo. We made a summary about his life and using the summary we did an interview.

This is the link to the interview:


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Literary devices that I didn´t know

Today in literature we worked again with literary devices. Pia gave us a web page that has a lot of literary devices and their definition. With that we checked the activity we made last class. Then we had to write down all the literary devices that we did not know from the activity of last class.

This is the link of the web page: https://literary-devices.com/

This are the literary devices that I did not know:

-Satire: The use of satire in literature refers to the practice of making fun of human weakness or character flaw. The use of satire is often inclusive of a need or decision of correcting or bettering the character that is on the receiving end of the satire. In general, even though satire might be humorous and may “make fun”, its purpose is not to entertain and amuse but actually to derive a reaction of contempt from the reader.

-Sonet: In poetry, a sonnet has 14 lines, and is written in iambic pentameter. Each line has 10 syllables. It has a specific rhyme scheme, and a volta, or a specific turn.

-Refrain: Refrain is a verse, a line, a set, or a group of lines that appears at the end of a stanza, or appears where a poem divides into different sections. Refrain is a poetic device that repeats, at regular intervals, in different stanzas.

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Poder y poder politico

Hoy en la primera clase online de Formación Ética y Ciudadana hicimos un trabajo en parejas sobre el poder político. Yo hice el trabajo con Mateo Rath.

Este es el link a nuestro doc:


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Literary Devices

Today in Lit we worked with literary devices. We completed this activity were we had to match the literary terms with their meaning.

This is the activity:

Literary terms to choose from:


Fill in the blanks: The object of this exercise is to match the word with the definition provided.

Flashback is a literary device that allows writers to show their audience specific events that happened before the current action of the story.
Genre is a category system that literature falls into based on specific conventions that develop to characterize the differences.
Irony can be verbal, situational, or dramatic and has the result of the meaning, situation or action being one thing but meaning something different.
Satire is a type of literary work that satirizes another work, its author, or the ideas presented.
Parody is a type of literary device where an author ridicules specific people, groups or some aspect of society.
Setting is where a story takes place.
Sonet is a type of poem that has a specific rhyme and meter.
Subplot is a minor story that runs inside the main story.
Symbol is a concrete or physical object that represents an abstract concept.
Tone is how the writer feels about his subject that comes through based upon the types of words chosen.
Mood is how the reader feels about the story.
Theme is an abstraction that represents the central idea of the story.
Narrator tells the story either in the first, second or third person point of view.
Climax is the most exciting part of a story where all of the main conflict comes together.
Allusion is an intentional reference to another literary work or piece of art that the reader should understand in order to make connections.
Foreshadowing is when the author hints at actions that will come in the future.
Onomatopeia is a word that describes words that represent sounds.
Metaphor is a comparison of two different things to make them more alike.
Personification is when authors give human traits to animals or some other lifeless object.
Refrain is repetition of sounds or words to form a pattern.
Imagery is a writer’s vivid description that help readers visualize.

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Infografia sobre los aportes cultural y científicos de los musulmanes

En clase de historia hicimos un trabajo sobre los musulmanes y uno de los puntos era hacer una infografia sobre los aportes culturales y cientificos de los musulmanes.

Este es el link a el canva que hice: https://www.canva.com/design/DAD2102Y51I/-u3o9bcoWV3nVMhV_E9wmQ/view?utm_content=DAD2102Y51I&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=publishsharelink

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Biological drawing

In biology with Ceci, we had to make a biological drawing. Then we had to make a self-assessment of the drawing. After that, we had to make audio explaining everything we did while drawing. When we finished we had to upload it on the blog.

This is a picture that I took from Google:



And this is the biological drawing I did with this picture:


This is a link to the checklist: http://cadem.cumbresblogs.com/files/2016/03/checklist.pdf

And this is my checklist:

And lastly, this is the audio I made:

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Hoy en la clase de lengua tuvimos la consigna de explicar sin ayuda de google ni de nadie, que es una sirena. Ademas, teníamos que acompañar nuestra explicación con un dibujo. Este es el link a la entrada con la actividad en el blog de Camila: http://camilaaliberti.cumbresblogs.com/2020/03/18/18-03-trabajo-a-distancia-segunda-clase/

Esta es mi explicación:

Para mi una sirena es una criatura mitológica que tiene cara y torso de mujer y de la cintura para abajo es un pez.

Este es mi dibujo:


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Chemicals of life

Today in biology we watched a video and then we completed an exit slip. The instructions are on an entry on Ceci’s blog. That entry has the video and the exit slip.


This is my exit slip:

-The most important thing I learned today is that food is large molecules that are needed for life called biomolecules.


-I need help with understanding the structure of biomolecules


-I would like to learn about how the elements that compose the 4 biomolecules that we studied are arranged.

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